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Bernat Barris

Bernat Barris was born on September 14th, 1986 in Barcelona, and grew up in nearby city Granollers. Specializing in Drawing, he graduated in Fine Arts in 2009.
Excited about his education ideals and inspired by his parents’ profession, Bernat started teaching plastic and visual arts in a private school. He soon realized he was feeling stifled by an institution and a system in which he didn’t believe, so he moved on to work in a public school, helping and encouraging teens with difficulties, however, due to lack of subsidies, the position would come to an end in 2012. At that time, Bernat had already found that, while he enjoyed dealing with students, he also needed to find a way to incorporate his artistic impetus into his professional career. This is how, in 2013, he became a teacher of “Creativity and Technique” at LCI, School of Higher Education in Fashion Felicidad Duce, in Barcelona, where he was soon to find the freedom to combine his greatest passions: arts and teaching. It was not until 2015 that he decided, after a low productive period, to commit strongly to his own artistic career. Encouraged by his friend Díaz Alamà, he joined The Barcelona Residency of Arts. He was now based in a fabulous space where he could develop his work and share it with his students, teachers, and other artists from different styles and backgrounds. As a result of this individual and collective experience, his work possesses a more accurate oil painting technique, and also a more distinctive style which distinguishes his last collection. Bernat Barris is currently devoted to painting. He is an incumbent professor at the Higher Education Design School and teaches “Expressive Drawing” at the Barcelona Academy of Art, where his studio is situated. Since 2017 he is also the coordinator of its residency program. In October 2018 he held his first exhibition of paintings, called Rodalies Nord, at Space Gallery in Barcelona.
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