Interview Natalia Tomás


Would you like to create another art form? Do you have other artistic passions?


I love writing and I have been working some audiovisual projects in which I would love to keep growing. I play the clarinet a bit, rather torture it, but I would love to be able to create music.


 Do you like teaching?

I love it. Few things fulfil me as much as being part of the artistic evolution of a person, seeing what they have learned or improved. I gave lessons at both advanced and amateur levels. I think it is wonderful that people have a passion for painting and learning, either for being more professional or just for enjoying that experience.



On which projects are you currently working?

I don't even know it. About my artworks, I think that I have now passed into a new phase of experimenting with motives and techniques and I still don't know towards which paths it will take me.  Other projects that I have been working are online and face-to-face classes, workshops, some exhibitions, and an audiovisual project for suicide prevention which I am slowly working on.