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Fergus Channon



Fergus Channon, is an artist and educator residing in London. He has held both solo and group exhibitions across the UK, and his work has been showcased in Romania, Georgia, and Russia. Fergus previously taught at the British Higher School of Art & Design and currently works at Camberwell College of Art.

As a painter, He is deeply intrigued by the interplay between what to paint, why to paint, and how to paint. The “what” often emerges from seemingly mundane observations that linger in his mind, compelling him to capture them on canvas. The “why” is driven by the sheer enjoyment of exploring whether a subject is worth painting, coupled with the satisfaction of celebrating it through art. And then there’s the “how” the fascinating realm where the creative process truly ignites. Fergus recognises that the techniques he employs play a pivotal role, infusing life into his works. By pushing the boundaries of paint application and challenging norms, he has pioneered novel and innovative ways to create imagery. The very essence of the material becomes a determining factor in shaping the aesthetic of his art.

Fergus uses his paintings as a form of documentation, a way to punctuate significant moments in his life. Each stroke of the brush connects with the preservation of time or imbues meaning, whether in the subject matter itself or the act of painting.

In his captivating series titled “Impact Paintings,” Fergus has developed groundbreaking techniques that yield delicate, almost fragile painting surfaces. One poignant example involves capturing his pregnant partner’s footsteps as she walks across the canvas. These impressions leave behind exquisite dendritic marks a visual distillation of profound moments like a performance.

Fergus Channon’s artistic journey beautifully intertwines creativity, introspection, and the delicate dance between paint and canvas.

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Washing 2.jpg
Washing 1.jpg
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Studio Visit  - Words and photography  by Adela Blanco

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