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Javier Torras


Javier Torras is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist based and working in London. His practice blends the worlds of painting and sculpture, exploring the relationship between the human body, its presence in nature, and its interaction with specific landscapes. Whether indoors or outdoors, their installations showcase this interconnectedness in unique ways.

Sometimes, sculptures directly respond to a particular environment, like a series created during a residency where the works interacted with a Norfolk forest. Even within studio settings, whether in Norfolk or elsewhere, his work reflects a personal connection to the surrounding space. In outdoor pieces, this might manifest as a connection to specific trees or fields. Inside galleries or studios, nature enters through the materials themselves. Clay, wax, and bronze frequently appear, evoking the earthiness and rawness of our planet.

This deliberate interplay between the organic (clay) and the inorganic (metal) underscores our connection to nature and its raw materials. The organic elements also hint at his own body, evident in the handcrafted marks on the clay. These marks symbolize the deep intertwining of humans and nature, a theme further echoed by mythological references like the creation of man from clay.

Through these diverse mediums, he invites viewers to explore the human presence within landscapes, both real and imagined. Whether directly depicted or subtly hinted at, their work encourages contemplation and engagement. This focus on human connection extends even to interior settings like Gothic rooms, where an invisible human presence lingers.


By employing techniques like enhanced lines, central figures, and intriguing objects, Javier Torras invites viewers to actively engage with their work. The artist welcomes these diverse interpretations, seeing them as reflections of individual imagination. Ultimately, his work aims to spark questions, provoke wonder, and invite viewers to explore the shifting boundaries between reality and imagination, just as we did in our childhood.


Photography by Javier Torras

Words by Adela Blanco

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