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Daniel Munday

Daniel was educated at Glasgow School of Art and is where his interest in the human figure really began to flourish. As a practised figurative artist, Daniel’s method of working is quite traditional from a technical standpoint, although rather than portraying a simple likeness of the subject, his work often delves into the subject’s character and mood, exploring the darker side of emotion and human psyche.


He cites artists such as Rembrandt, Francis Bacon and Willem De Kooning as a strong source of inspiration, and his fascination with mortality and flesh has a strong presence in his work. Daniel has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions around the UK and abroad, including the prestigious BP Portrait Award. This year, he was awarded with the Schmincke 2020 Drawing Prize. In addition to his fine art pieces, he accepts portrait and figurative commissions in oil or drawing media. Last year, Daniel was invited to participate in an artist residency in Southern India.

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