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Stefania Luque

A series of  24 short videos that combine scenes that evoke childhood memories, and visual pleasures that produce unpleasantness but cannot stop being seen. Oneiric scenarios in a combination of shapes, colours, textures, and movements that seek to preserve the beautiful and the unpleasant.

Stefania Luque (b. 1986) is a digital artist and designer, who's passionate about storytelling, design, film, music and great ideas. Her inspiration comes from her drive to experience different cultures, which has driven her to live in Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, the UK and now UAE.

Throughout her journey, she has learned so many lessons about people, organisations, art and design. Her constant curiosity to learn has motivated her to complete a degree in Fine Arts, a Msc in Multimedia Design and 3D Technologies. Also, she has taken part in many courses on motion graphic and web design, in addition to studying a program on the production of film, TV and Radio.

Music by Ugo Laguna @ugo_laguna

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