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Georgia Mallin

Georgia is a figurative artist working mainly in oil painting and drawing. Born and raised in London, she took a BA in English & Spanish at the University of Oxford before realising several years later that art needed to be at the centre of her life. She has recently graduated from the Heatherley School of Fine Art with a Diploma in Portraiture, where she was taught by artists including Miriam Escofet, Tim Benson, Melissa Scott-Miller, Allan Ramsay, Kate Hopkins and Fred Crayk. She was awarded the Daphne Todd Portrait Prize in 2018.

Working from direct observation has long been fundamental to Georgia’s practice, with an emphasis on accuracy, draughtsmanship and the fall of light. Making a painting or drawing is a powerful act of paying attention, and each piece of work shows Georgia’s intense preoccupation with the act of looking.

As a portraitist, Georgia hopes to convey a sense of psychological insight as well as capture the beautiful complexity of the human form. As a language and literature graduate, she is also interested in how portraiture and narrative intertwine – in painting as a way of storytelling, and creating the sense of a complete and believable world.

​Georgia is now studying with Alison Harper and Dan Coombs at the Essential School of Painting, where she is a lucky recipient of the ESOP Newman Young Artist Scholarships 2019/20, exploring how imagination, memory and feeling can be the springboard for making images.

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