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Interview Natalia Tomás


 When did you start in the Art world?


As many people, during childhood, I liked drawing and I still do. In a more formal way, when I was around 16 years old, I started studying in an Art Highschool and then studied a Bachelor in Fine Arts. Since then, I had an on-off relationship with art with both very productive periods and not so many productive periods.


 How do you define your work?


I guess it can fit into Contemporary Realism despite I have never been good at labelling. My work focuses mainly on intimate portraits. Its technical resources derived from traditional paintings. Recently, I am exploring contemporary painting. 



From which contemporary artists would you like to have artwork at home? 

Nicolás Uribe and Milo Hartnoll.

 Which are your panting influences? 

Velázquez, Goya, Fortuny, Sorolla, Ignacio Pinazo (who is my favourite painter) and Antonio Mancini form the classics; About contemporary painters, the list falls short but the two artists from the previous question are without a doubt my most important influences.  Surprisingly, however, some Avant-garde artists have helped me rethink my paintings between the conceptual and abstract expressionism.


Would you like to create another art form? Do you have other artistic passions?


I love writing and I have been working some audiovisual projects in which I would love to keep growing. I play the clarinet a bit, rather torture it, but I would love to be able to create music.


 Do you like teaching?

I love it. Few things fulfil me as much as being part of the artistic evolution of a person, seeing what they have learned or improved. I gave lessons at both advanced and amateur levels. I think it is wonderful that people have a passion for painting and learning, either for being more professional or just for enjoying that experience.



On which projects are you currently working?

I don't even know it. About my artworks, I think that I have now passed into a new phase of experimenting with motives and techniques and I still don't know towards which paths it will take me.  Other projects that I have been working are online and face-to-face classes, workshops, some exhibitions, and an audiovisual project for suicide prevention which I am slowly working on.

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