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Isaac Pollock


Isaac Pollock is a London-based painter born in Northern Ireland in 1998. Pollock holds a Master's degree in fine arts painting from UAL Camberwell. His studio is located in Tower Hamlets (Bow). Isaac's painting depicted several styles, abstract, still life, portrait, and represents nature as an essential part of his childhood in a bucolic setting. He works with different references that come from cinema sometimes, pictures, and also in response to his experiences. His most recent project is inspired by Northern Irland where he grew-up in a farm, representing scenes of the community working the land. We can find in his practice finished and unfinished characters as a part of his style creating subjects that are often looking away from the viewer, portraying the disconnect we feel in the modern world.

"My most recent project was about the farm where I grew up in Northern Ireland, where we have a practice of gathering peat. To do this, we pull up the turf from the ground, stack it all together until it dries, and then burn it till it turns into natural coal. This practice has been followed over thousands of years in my country."

Isaac Pollock


Tower Hamlets (Bow) - Photography by Adela Blanco

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