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Lauren Johnson



Lauren Johnson was born in Grimsby, North-East England, in 1995. After graduating from UAL: Wimbledon in 2019, with a specialism in Fine Art Painting, Johnson currently lives and works in South London.


Their collaged objects and sticker-like paintings are surrealist in nature, revealing feelings of deceit in their portrayals of actual environment and depictions of living. For Johnson, recurring themes and notions pervade storytelling, capturing symbolic reference via the lens of historical still life paintings and the painter; through their work, captivating the attention of the viewer and compelling them to utilise their mind’s eye. Johnson's works, such as 'The Last Act' and 'Oh, Sweet Mystery of Life,' illustrate what she refers to as "the urge of excavating narrative," offering a facially crafted mix of colour and contrasting use of juxtaposition.

“The medium of acrylic on wood creates this plasticity, for me, to find depth in flatness. This uplifts the end product's plan to open one's eye to a sense of dramatised certainty.”


“The Last Act” Acrylic on Wood.jpg
Lauren Johnson “Untitled” Acrylic on Wood. 2018. 100 cm x 140cm..jpg
Lauren Johnson “Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life” Acrylic on Wood. 2019. 100 cm x 140 cm..jpg
“Untitled #2” Acrylic on Wood.jpg

Photography by Adela Blanco

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