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Marie-Therese Heublein



Marie-Therese Heublein (b.1997, Erlangen, Germany), is a London-based painter and designer. She holds an MA in painting with distinction from UAL Camberwell, London.

Marie-Therese Heublein's artistry is a captivating fusion of mediums and techniques. She masterfully employs the canvas as a realm of experimentation and world-building, orchestrating a multi-layered creative process. This journey unfolds through the amalgamation of physical sketches, digital image processing software, 3D renderings, and collages, creating spaces where the human form oscillates between its physical essence and its newfound adaptability, an adaptation facilitated by our perpetual connection to the boundless realms of the digital landscape.

Throughout her work, there is a recurring motif: the fractured body that metamorphoses into new, enigmatic shapes, seamlessly integrating into uncharted landscapes. The interplay of graphic shapes subtly hints at perspective, while the strategic use of white space invites the viewer to engage with the canvas on a profound level. In select pieces, Marie-Therese elevates the viewing experience even further, incorporating virtual environments into her paintings accessible through an Augmented Reality extension, forging a dynamic bridge between the tangible and the digital realms in her art.

She has participated in several group exhibitions across London, including a group show at the Copeland Gallery and a contribution to the Research Festival at Peckham Levels in 2022. Part of her work is currently being represented by Swanfall Art Gallery.



Screen Shot 2023-09-26 at 18.20.06.png

Photography by Adela Blanco

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