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Mina Fouladi


Mina Fouladi is a British-Iranian painter based in London. Shaped by the experience of diaspora, Mina Fouladi yearns to cultivate a sense of home within their surroundings through captivating paintings. These works act as portals, transporting viewers to a cherished past, specifically their time spent in Iran. The camera and screen tools traditionally used to capture and revisit the past become juxtaposed against the act of painting, a distinctly analogue process that renders memories tangible. The artist draws inspiration from a personal archive of images, captured by both themself and their father.

Each painting becomes a confluence of emotion and memory, weaving together disparate moments in time and space. Replayed memories transform into the present, imbuing the past with a vibrant life force. Working on a smaller scale, the artist employs frames to guide their focus, while painting directly onto walls allows them to leave an imprint, bridging the gap between present and past, creating fresh recollections of these cherished images. This act resonates as a visual reverberation through time.

She embraces the duality of the painting as both object and non-object, existing on canvases and directly adorning walls. Her process prioritises the raw expressiveness of unadulterated paint, eschewing preliminary pencil sketches. Instead, meticulous brushstrokes, particularly those rendered with a flathead brush, are layered upon one another, gradually transforming blurry forms into defined imagery. Each stroke becomes a testament to Mina's journey, both internal and external, weaving a tapestry of past and present in a vibrant expression of personal history.


Photography by Adela Blanco

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