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Owain Hunt

Born in Bristol in 1994, Owain Hunt is an emerging British painter. His work is intrinsically concerned with the self, focusing predominately on portraits and the human figure. He views his paintings as visual memoirs of the people and things that define a specific period in his lifetime. They are by-products which emerge from the process of painting someone or something.


Hunt is quickly gaining recognition, having exhibited alongside the Royal Society of Portrait Painters (2019, 2020), the Royal Society of British Artists (2019, 2020), the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (2019) as well as featuring on Sky Portrait Artist of the Year (2020). Hunt is also one of the youngest members of the Contemporary British Portrait Painters Group. This collection of work charts some of the key milestones along the way. In particular, ‘The Painter’s Dog Resting’ was awarded the Geoffrey Vivis Memorial Award at the Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition 2019.

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