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Marco Casalvieri - Alexis Guenier - Preslav Kostov

Tom Mead - Natalia Tomás

Blanco Gallery is delighted to present its new production, Quotidian, a virtual exhibition inspired by our everyday life depicted in its simplest form. Despite the difficult period, we are currently experiencing, we can still manage to find time to focus on beautiful everyday things.

The contemporary artists participating for the first time together are Marco Casalvieri, Alexis Guenier, Preslav Kostov, Tom Mead, and Natalia Tomás. They display their interpretations of their own daily lives through this selection of paintings. The collection consists of 23 paintings, including portraits and some city scenes.

Quotidian will be available online from 05-03-2021 until 01-04-2021. All of the paintings are for sale. We hope you enjoy the experience.

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